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Grand Master Mike Sandos
563 E. Spruce Glen Road
Murray, Utah 84107
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Grand Master Mike Sandos

Chairman of the Board WHKD
Instructor: SGM Al Dacascos         

Over 60 years of Mixed Martial Arts experience from hard systems to soft, Judo, Karate to Gung-Fu. Chinese boxing, kung fu, Martial arts, jujitsu, tai chi, mixed martial arts, Ju jitsu, Professor  Sandos has represented his arts in multiple countries worldwide. Everything from Owner Operator to Chief Instructor of Martial Arts schools.


GM Sandos is a business expert and has designed marketing and sales programs for martial arts school worldwide. Taught Martial Arts and survival in the US Navy operations Navy UDT and Seal Teams, teacher of all types of war fare. Teaching fighting system and Martial Arts Business Mastery to Martial Arts Mastery. Mike has studied and participated in many arts as well as arts of warfare throughout the world.  Mike’s focus has been the Kajukenbo, Tum-Pai, Ch’uan-Fa, and the Wun Hop Kuen Do and has been at the right hand side of Grand Master Al Dacascos for 50 of his 60 years in the Martial Arts. Appointed in 2006 by Grand Master Al Dacascos As the President of Wun Hop Kuen Do International Association.

GM Dacascos and Sandos designed the KOA  KAJUKENBO OHANA ASSOCIATION over the past many years and in 2005 announced the KOA as Kajukenbo’s opportunity for all the Kajukenbo organizations to have their Grand Masters build new ongoing materials for the organization. Everything from Martial Arts Mastery to Martial Arts Business Mastery.  As well as live worldwide web internet seminars and Martial Arts system for KOA’s GM’sAnd all Kajukenbo schools worldwide through the Warriors Circle.  Dacascos and Sandos represented Kajukenbo / Wun Hop Kuen Do and USA to all the Chinese Masters and Grand Masters in China in 1973 and Joining Spirits with the Masters and Grand Masters in China on the world Martial Arts exchange of Kung-Fu and Gung-Fu martial Arts Mastery in Japan and China.

GM Sandos has been in the for front of the growth of the Martial Arts his entire life. Taking the Martial Arts to the next level for many and creating a easy path to follow for others. Dacascos and Sandos designed and opened The Sifu Society as the arms and legs of the Kajukenbo KOA Grand Masters taking the Kajukenbo Martial Arts to the school teaching and taking us to the New Millennium.

Positioning and building teams to increase knowledge, experience and future for all Martial arts around the world. I have built, developed and administered several trainings and educational programs, benefits, meetings on how to streamline, organize, set goals and improve work performance. Throughout my management and martial arts career, Sandos received various awards and nominations based on my performance and dedication.

Author of 7 Books Seniors Ohaha an Gung-FU  / Kung-Fu Chinese Boxing Tai-Chi to control the energy and direct it mentally, physically,  metaphysical and  philosophically combined with the motion of motion. of course the Chinese have had this for thousands of years but we need to continue our study and development.   

Michael S. Sandos

Sandos also has been a very successful business man. Inventor, Published Author of many books from children’s financial education books to Financial Education books business and well as personal wealth. Author of the Seniors OHAHA, Seniors Tai-Chi and Seniors Gung-fu. A registered Investment Advisor and business owner of many companies. Sandos has positioned many growth-oriented companies in the market place allowing them to leverage my strengths and experience in the areas of organizational, communication, management and client retention, creating value for the organization as well as its' clients.  While building employee unity and great working environment with focus on productivity, profitability and continued consistency. The circle is complete.

Other Martial Arts Training: JKA, Judo, Karate, Gung-fu, Kung-fu, many martial arts and many systems, American Boxing Association, American Wrestling league, National and International Greco Roman Wresting Federation. Kajukenbo, Tum-Pai, Ch’uan-fa, The Chinese Physical Culture Society, Wun Hop Kuen Do.

Trained in every aspect of fighting and war, US Naval Veteran, Vietnam disabled Vet, World champion Sky-Diver world team, National champion Para-glider, Hang gliding champion, Pilot and Aircraft A&P license, Survival expert NWSA member. Life & Rescue, National Ski patrol, Champion ski and rescue, Author of 7 Financial Books,

Author Children’s book: You, Me and Uncle Mike, Author: Seniors Gung-Fu (the art of Breathing and living) book and tapes.  Inventor and patent holder of the Nylon Velcro locking wallets (Bear Body Inc.) Patent Holder and inventor of the Cordura Nylon tool pouches) Bear Wear Inc, Financial Professional and Registered Investment Advisor, Teacher and Educator of Financial Education. Husband and Proud father of 6 wonderful children and 6 wonderful grand children, the survival of life is the proven success of time on Earth. What you leave behind and or done while you were here is proof of your enjoyment of that time spent. How you leave the world is up to you! Personally I would like to leave it better than I found it. And with traces of me in its path.

The Martial Art’s is your opportunity to be the best at everything. So be the best at Martial Arts give back to your arts with more than you found it…